Artificial Intelligence A-Z

Artificial Intelligence is an interesting area of work that is growing very rapidly in the recent years and has tremendous applications in our day to day life. The goal of AI is to build  software systems that behave "intelligently". By this, we mean that the computer systems that can think, plan and act given a problem. There are many sub-domains in the field of AI. Few of the most important ones are Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Language Translation, Data Analytics etc. And especially Deep learning is the fast-growing field of Artificial Intelligence concerned with the study and design of computer algorithms that mimic human brain.


Why To Learn Artificial Intelligence?

  • Artificial Intelligence will define the next generation of intelligent systems. It has already revolutionized many industries like autonomous driving, robotics, data driven medicine, finance, agriculture etc.

  • There is a huge demand in the market for AI skills like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Natural language Processing. It is expected that in India alone there will be 1 million job vacancies in this field in the next 2 years. 

  • In the US, he average salaries for persons with AI skills is $90,000. And in India it is about Rs:7,50,000

What you will learn in this course?

The course will cover all the fundamental topics in AI from basics to advanced concepts. It will take 200 hours to finish this course. And the course contains 20+ real time projects. The topics are as follows

  1. Introduction To AI

  2. Python Programming

  3. Numpy  

  4. Data visualization

  5. Data Analytics in Pandas

  6. OpenCV for Computer Vision Applications

  7. Machine learning in Sci-kit Learn

  8. Artificial Neural Networks 

  9. Deep learning

  10. Computer Vision

  11. Natural Language Processing

  12. Chatbots


Libraries that you will learn?

  1. Anaconda Distribution

  2. Jupyter Notebook

  3. Python & Numpy

  4. Matplotlib & Pandas

  5. OpenCV

  6. Sci-Kit Learn

  7. Tensorflow

  8. Keras

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One Year Access
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Taught By
Sumanth Reddy kaliki
Lead Artificial Intelligence Expert
Ice Edge Business Solutions - Canada
Visiting Faculty Satyabhama Institute Of Science And Technology
Phone: +1 403 708 9943
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